19th MARCH, 2012

The angel of the Lord came to visit me. We greeted one another.

He said, “I come to tell you that I have just come from Perth, Western Australia.”

I said, “What were you doing there?” He answered, “I worked there for two weeks, protecting the country places. They were very much in danger from storms and cyclones. There would have been huge destruction if it was not for people who pray. God in His goodness and mercy averted all disaster.”

“Tell people they must pray. Only through prayer are you all protected. Now I am going to the north of this country, but I am not so sure that the people of this place will be spared because not enough prayers are said and they offend God very much.”

“We all work for God and His Glory. Nothing we do is for ourselves. Valentina, tell people many severe storms are predicted in the future. They must not offend God any more. He is very sad from the world behaving so badly. Pray and beg him for His mercy.”