21st March, 2012

I worry about the many injustices I see in the world today. These make me very sad
and at times depressed. Finding it sometimes difficult to overcome this sadness I talked to our Lord. I said to him, “Look how your people are suffering injustices in this world. When are You going to do something about all of this?”

He then sent me a beautiful gift of consolation. Suddenly I was surrounded by many small angels and they poured out a beautiful fragrance. As they circled above me they were gently spreading this beautiful fragrance around me. It was all over my room I smiled and said to our Lord “What is all this about? What a beautiful fragrance.”

Suddenly all the sadness, depression and worry left me. I felt happiness and peace. The angel said, “They came to console you. Don’t worry and trust in the Lord. He knows all.”