15th APRIL, 2012

Divine Mercy Sunday – St Margaret Mary’s Church

During the prayer to the Divine Mercy Our Lord spoke to me, “Tell My people the vessel of My Mercy is an opportunity given to all. It is the vessel of Life when they will approach My Divine Mercy. I will never refuse any thing, no matter how great is the sinner, when he repents and he his sorry for all he has done. Tell them not to be afraid to come to Me. I am full of goodness, love and compassion. Once they approach Me I will help each individual because I know their needs and restore peace and love in their souls.”

During the Mass at 3pm – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Our Lord said, “My child, when I am fully exposed on the Altar in front of all of you, tell My priests I prefer more reverence and prayer in silence and not loud distracting music. I look in the hearts of all My children and see that this loud music distracts those who want to talk to Me and pray to Me in silence. I see everything. I see the loud and noisy people who like to be noticed and they are very proud. I like My children to be pure and humble, talking to Me from their hearts. When the pride comes, so comes the devil.”

My Lord, have mercy on us.