16th APRIL, 2012

At 11.30pm in the evening. I prayed in thanksgiving for all the graces received this past day and for everyone who does not thank God. Suddenly, the angel appeared, “Soon you will see and experience a terrifying wind such as you have never seen before. God is merciful and good, but people don’t love Him or thank Him. They don’t believe in Him but they offend Him and live in sin.”

I said, “I place all this that I have just heard in Jesus’ hands and whatever happens.” I asked, “What about my country Slovenia?” He said, “Your country will receive their own suffering. They too offend God very much. There is not one place on earth pure and clean. People live in shameful sin and no remorse. They ignore all prophesies and warnings from God. Tell people to pray and change while there is still a little time left. God is merciful. He can change all this.”