MAY, 2012

Our Lord Jesus came to give me a message. When He finished He said, “Do you know My child, the messages I give you, you keep in a drawer. They are not for you alone but for everyone. Do you know I love everyone and I want to save as many souls as possible. Don’t ask Me where to go to spread these messages, but spread them all over the world and to the end of the world.”

I said, “Lord, how can I do this?”

He replied, “I will help you. You all live in a very crucial time. You must come and seek God first because you cannot survive any longer on your own.”

I said, “Lord, it is so hard when all things negative build up around us.”

He embraced me, “Why are you worried? You belong to Me. No one can snatch you away from Me. All My children who love Me, are protected by Me. They belong to Me. Have faith and trust in Me.”