13th May, 2012

Our Blessed Mother appeared to me and said, “My daughter, I come to tell you and ask you to pray for churches. The Churches are being persecuted more and more, priests and bishops argue amongst one another, the Churches have been desecrated by unfaithful priests.”

“Do you know my daughter, I tell you that the Church will go through more and more suffering and will be demolished right down to the ground” (spiritually, not the buildings). “Tell people not to lose hope, my Son’s Church will be rebuilt again more beautiful than ever before.”

“I am the one courageously leading the battle through this period of dark times that you live in. Tell people to never lose hope but to continue to pray and have faith in my Son Jesus.”

Our Blessed Mother showed me in a vision how she walked through the world, through our Churches, leading us through the battle against the evil one with such courage which is indescribable.

I was so upset with all the persecution and desecration of our Church out when I saw the amazing courage displayed by our Blessed Mother I was filled with awe and thought, “Look at Our Blessed Mother, wow, how courageously she goes into battle and here I am worrying instead of thinking that our Blessed Mother is with us, why worry? She is our advocate, she pleads for us, she leads us, she guides us, she is on our side.” We should be grateful and thankful that Our Lord has given us such a beautiful Mother. She needs our prayers and our help.

She told me the battle is now and it will only get worse.

Through her everything will be renewed. Our Lord God chose Mary to be His Mother in the beginning, she has been given the mission to lead us in the end times.

It has always been through Our Blessed Mother that the battle against the evil one will be won. In the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Thank you Blessed Mother for showing us your great courage.