23rd MAY, 2012

Our Blessed Mother Mary came to me this morning whilst I was praying. She said, “Praise be Jesus. My daughter I know you are very sad and depressed when you see so much trouble and injustice in this world. In every place on this planet there is injustice, killing, wars breaking out, people are scattering everywhere, I cry to see little innocent children who have been killed and families persecuted.”

“There is no love but cold-hearted men, no feeling for his fellow man. The leaders of countries are lying to their people, saying everything is okay and that they will bring peace and stability to the world.”

“The devil is having a great time, he confuses every nation. My children, when will you realise that the only solution for the world and gaining of peace is given by God. You must let people of the world know and warn them to pray, it is very urgent that from now on people respond to our pleas from Heaven.”