17th November

7am, during morning prayer, our Lord Jesus appeared and said, My Sacred Heart is constantly wounded for everything that I see today in the world. All of you life in fear of threatening terrorists. O My people wake up and see you don’t know where they will place a bomb to kill you. Be aware my people, more alert.

Pray for Our guidance and protection. These terrorists are everywhere, full of evil and hate. They are constantly planning to kill. The devil tells them to reduce the population of the world, especially Catholics and Christians being their targets. My children you are not aware of the threats they are planning to carry out in this evil work. The leaders of this country and all over the world know of these dangerous threats, but they cannot stop it. By the time they find out, they have already striked and killed. Again I warn you children, pray for Our protection and guidance. Be more prudent this coming Christmas because it will not be a happy one but a sad one.

I replied, “Thankyou Lord Jesus for your warning. Have mercy on us and protect us.”