9th November

Lord Jesus said today, “People think that it will soon be the end of the world. No, My children, it is wrongly explained. The world will still go on for many thousands of years, but not the way it is now, full of trouble, corruption and sinfulness.

The end of this evil era and the end of this evil time in which we all live, will come soon. I promise! Soon, My second coming and the era of peace will come and renew the world. There will be peace, tranquillity and happiness among my people. This, they have never experienced before.

You will all love me and appreciate, that I the Lord, have done all this for you. You will be so grateful and thankful for everything that I the Lord have done. You must desire that I come. People must desire that I come. The more you call me to come, the quicker I will change things.”

I said, “Come Lord Jesus, come. Come to Your Kingdom. We love You and praise You.”