1st November

In the Church during Mass, I was asking all the Saints to pray and intercede for us here on earth. Our Lord, Jesus said, “My loving child, it is so good that you ask my Holy Saints to help you and to pray for all of you. You know my Saints in Heaven always intercede for all of you and they plead, so you to, my children will one day join them in Heaven. The goal you must accept is that whatever comes your way, good or bad, is the test that I give you. It is very beneficial for your own soul. You must deny all temptations and obey my commandments. Not all my Saints were perfect on earth. They had their trials and crosses and the hard tests on earth that I gave them. But they lived more humbly in humility, poverty, chastity and obedience. That is what made them Holy in Heaven, that was their reward. Or course, all of the thanks and glory comes to Me and they praise Me constantly, as their Lord, God and King, and they are very happy.”

I answered, “My Lord and my God, you are so Holy. You are worthy of all praise and thanksgiving. May Heaven and earth praise You for Your glory as the King of Majesty for ever and ever. I love you my Lord, Jesus.”