30th October

This morning our Lord Jesus said to me while I was praying, “My child, let us be one in all. How I rejoice when we share everything together. I wish all my children would do the same, which is unity, sharing the same love. United to your Lord and to trust in Him more, in all the trials they go through in their everyday lives. How much easier would be the burden they carry, a heavy load in their hearts and souls especially the sick.

Valentina, My loving child of My Sacred Heart, give people hope. Tell then of My love and mercy. Tell them to come to Me and to know Me more. I will heal them of all their suffering if they confess their sins, and then the burden will ease in their souls. For this you must return to Me, to your God. I will help you, don’t be afraid. I love you very much. Trust Me, trust Me more.”

I answered, “Thankyou my loving and gentle Lord, Jesus. We all love you, have mercy on us.”