28th November

I was in St. Margaret Mary’s Church, offering all the sufferings of the people and I asked Lord Jesus, “People are suffering my Lord Jesus, please help them.”

Our Lord came and said, “trust in Me My children, Confide in me. Be patient a little longer, for my coming is so near. Sooner than you all think.

Pray a lot, and don’t be discouraged and negative. I know you all go through pain. The evil one tries to destroy all. But he will not, because I will not permit him. Stay close to Me and My beloved Mother, Mary, Most Holy. We see everything, you would not survive if we did not protect you. So much evil around you my children, pray, pray, pray. Prayer is your guard against all evil. I love you all so much, my chosen children. Soon I will liberate you, and you will live peacefully and happily and you will praise me as your Lord and King.”

Jesus always gives us hope. We should never despair, but come and trust in Jesus.