29th November

Lord Jesus said to me today, “My child, Valentina when you go to people to speak my word, you must explain the meaning of the message. For instance, when I give you a prophecy of what is to happen, such as a catastrophic event it is because people offend God too much, and the prophecy is to warn them beforehand.

Then He said, “The prophecy is also conditional, if they listen, repent and pray the chastisement can be stopped or averted through My Mercy. Then you should be grateful and thankful that I was merciful to all sinners, but most of the time, people condemn m prophets and they ridicule and crucify them.

This has been happening right throughout history, and that offends Me very much. Instead of listening to my prophets that I speak through, and to My beloved Mother, who continuously comes to warn you of the dangers that you are living in, they don’t believe. Instead hey stab them in the back. But I see everything, nothing escapes Me. I shall judge severely, those who ridicule my word, they have already brought judgement upon themselves. Nobody can stop God.”

The he looked at me and said, “Valentina, my child, continue to speak My true word that I teach you. Don’t be afraid, we are always with you to protect you.” Then he smiled and said, “I love you, be at peace.”

I replied, “Lord, Jesus, I love you too, have mercy on us all.”