28th December

I was visiting a friend in hospital. Our Lord Jesus said, “Sprinkle My blessing all over the place. Think of their suffering My child, offer all the sick to Me, some may even die tonight and they do not know Me. Ask Me to have Mercy on each person. That way they can still be saved. You know My Compassionate Heart is full of Love and Mercy.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, I’m so happy that you sent me to the hospital today. I fell very joyful and I fell very strongly Your presence”.

Jesus answered, “My child, nothing is by chance. It is I who makes it possible for you to come here, not by yourself. We are one and this oneness means we are always together. Let us not leave My Mother Mary most Holy out, She is always with us, united.”

I answered, “Thankyou, sweet Jesus, thankyou sweet Mother Mary, most Holy”.