In St. Patrick’s Cathedral while praying the fifth decade of the glorious mysteries in the Rosary before Mass.

A most beautiful vision appeared in the Sanctuary. A bright light lighted the whole area. There were white stairs leading down to a highly polished circular wooden floor. The whole area was filled with Angels, dressed in all soft colours.

I could see, very high up, the Most Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit, in the form of a very big dove, white in colour, the head pointing down with a little red beak. Around Him were bright golden rays shining down.

The Eternal Father stood on the left of a white throne, Jesus to His right on the other side. Holy Mary was seated on the throne. The Father and the Son held a crown above the head of Our Blessed Mother, each with both hands on the crown.

The crown seemed of silver, encrusted with diamonds and sapphires. In the centre was set a large sapphire in the middle point of the letter M, also made of sapphires and diamonds The centre of the crown had blue fabric.

The crown was held above Our Lady’s head but not placed upon Her. The Angels gathered together, and flew down, forming a flower in a circle in front of the throne, singing praises in a most beautiful melody. Then they flew out, and rose up again and made the same patterns over and over again.

As Holy Mary was seated there. She kept looking first to the Father, then to the Son and lifted Her eyes to the Holy Spirit. I could feel the love and joy flowing from Her as She praised and thanked the Holy Trinity for the honour given to Her.

Her hair was long and dark, falling softly on Her shoulders. Mary Most Holy was dressed in pure white. Her gown was straight, made of silken brocade, gathered in softly at the waist, long loose sleeves and a high neck.

Her mantle was voluminous, made of the same fabric, filling the whole of the sanctuary. The Angels held Her train as she walked.

When the ceremony was over, Mary stood up and walked gracefully to the steps. She descended halfway and spoke to me,

“See, My child, you are given the grace to see My Coronation the way it happened in Heaven by the Most Holy Trinity. The title I have received is Queen of Heaven and Earth.”

Holy Mary is the perfect model for all of us, full of grace.