31st March

I asked the Blessed Mother from heaven, “My Beautiful Mother, do you know that I don’t always understand the will of God? I am afraid that I am not doing the will of God.”

The Blessed Mother smiled and answered, “My child, when you consecrate yourself to My Immaculate Heart and you give your heart to Me with the promise that it is mine, you did that with love because you love Me as your own mother, entrusting everything to Me. I am guiding you like a little child talking to you and you are listening to Me and obeying Me. I am protecting you and feeding you like a little baby. When you are sad and you cry, I console you. When you are in danger, I hide you in My Immaculate Heart so that the enemy doesn’t touch you or Harm you. When you pray you give glory to God and when you pray for others I teach you to be compassionate towards all your brothers and sisters, showing your love to everyone.”

I replied, “Thank you, Blessed Mother, I understand better now.”