10th May

When I was praying the Holy Rosary I saw a beautiful white dove coming from very high up towards me. After awhile the Blessed Mother appeared. She was very happy and joyous and she was smiling. She was dressed all in white. She said to me. “Oh, my child, it is here! It is here! The first sign that was foretold and prophesied along time ago all through my children. It is here!”

With a great joy, Mary the Mother of our Lord, was saying to me, “Look my child, I will show you a secret before the whole world sees and experiences it. This grace is given to you from the Most High and the Most Holy Trinity.” Then she said, “Look my child!” And she raised her right Holy hand up and the vision came:

When I saw this vision it took my breath away. It was magnificent, the beauty and the colours. I was ecstatic with joy and said, “Oh, my beautiful and Beloved Mother, I have never experienced such beauty.” The blessed Mother was so joyful she pulled me towards her and hugged and she said, “See my child, when this sign appears in the sky, everyone will be amazed. They will see and they will know that it came from God and that God does exist. This sign was designed by the most Holy Trinity in Heaven and it will be visible for the whole world and for all humanity to see.

People will stare at the sky and they will run out of the buildings to see the sign, and where ever they are they will throw themselves on their knees and they will beg God for mercy.

She said, “See my child, now the Churches are all closed through the day and only very few people go into them after the experience of the visible sign, the Churches will be too small too hold all the people. They will queue outside the footpath in large numbers waiting for people to come out so that they can go in.”

She said, “One more secret that I want to reveal to you, the most Holy Trinity decided that know is the time to give the world this sign. It is here! My children, pray a lot now, offer everyone to the most Blessed Trinity so that God will give the grace of conversion. Especially pray for all the priests because they are going to be so busy with Masses and confessions. There will be a great shortage of priests.”

He looked at me and hugged me again and said, “you to will be very busy, people will need you and they will pull you on each side to help them. Be courageous My child, God will give you strength and support so you could help others.”

I said, “Oh, my beloved mother I would love to come home with you now, especially after experiencing such beauty that comes from heaven. I miss you so much when you leave me.” She again hugged me and kissed me and she smiled and said, “I know My child that you desire to come with me. Be happy My child you will soon, but not yet. My Son still needs your help here on earth.” She smiled, hugged me and blessed me and then she departed.

I concluded by saying, “thank you a million times my beloved mother for loving us so much. Please thank the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I will praise and glorify them forever.”