7TH JULY, 1996

Our Lord Jesus said, “My child, when you are sad and lonely and you feel sorrow and you have problems, you save many, many souls everyday. Your crown is building in glory for you.”

“When you are sick, offer Me your suffering. If you could only see how many souls go to Heaven through your suffering you would be happy. Everyday you receive Graces and Blessings.”

I was shown a vision how many souls went to Heaven, then I felt so happy to suffer, it was all worth it.

“Learn to offer everything to Me. I love you My child.”

“Peace be with you, My child. Be at peace, do not fear, I am with you and I love you. My dear child, did I not say to the disciples, ‘Be at peace, peace be with you, I am with you till the end of time. ‘”

Thank you my Lord Jesus.

This is what our Lord showed me but this is for everyone. We should offer all our sufferings and chores daily. Then our Lord will bless you and give you many Graces.