21st July, 1996

Blessed Mother appeared at the edge of a high cliff. She said, “I come to warn you My children, your life is in danger every minute. You have no idea how the evil spirit tries to destroy. He is doing all possible to destroy you. I come to warn you again that you must pray, my children.”

“Your protection is through prayer that blinds the evil spirit and he has no power over you.”

“You, My children, don’t listen to my messages. You take then so casually. I am speaking earnestly, listen to me. I am holding you as on the edge of a cliff over which you could fall at any moment but I need your help, My children.”

“Pray the Holy Rosary, that is your weapon against Satan. His plan is to destroy everything.”

“Look how sad I am, crying constantly. You live in very difficult times of great danger. Open your eyes, My children, and look around the global situation and think that there is no other way to protect and save you but by your prayers.”

“I will you good as your Mother and I love you all, My children.”

Thankyou blessed Mother for warning, helping and protecting us.