22nd July, 1996

Lord Jesus gave me a message for Marian Stariha.

“Marian, My child, you were blessed with a baby, a joy to you and your husband, bringing much happiness to your life. She is a special child.”

“Marian, would you please do something for Me? My child, will you help Me?”

“I wish that you establish a group for prayer in this church of Saint Raphael, a group of young people – yourself sacrifice for Me to console Me as I am so offended even among your people. You will also console
My dear Mother. She too is offended so much.”

“I asked many times through My daughter, Valentina, to establish a group of young people to pray the Most Holy Rosary but she was ignored completely. That offended Me so much but I will give another option so
that young people can come to Me. They are so dear to My heart. I love them all.”

“I give you the promise that I will bless the families, convert sinners, heal the sick, give grace necessary for life. Many graces will be given through your prayers.”

“Marian, Marian, My child, don’t be afraid. Ask Me and My dear Mother to help you. Say often, ‘Jesus, I trust in You and Your infinite Mercy’.”

“I love you My children and I bless you all.”

“I am Your Lord Jesus.”