8th August, 1996

Today, our Lord came to me while I was praying. He showed me the Stations of the Cross and said, “Look, My child, the suffering I, your Lord, bear for My Priests to show them too that they have to suffer for Me. They are My chosen ones.”

“But today, they don’t look at the Stations of the Cross to remind them that they must suffer for Me and follow in My footsteps. Instead, they run away from Me. They like to have a good and easy life, not suffering. How sad I am to see all this and being offended by many.”

“Please pray for them and accept the suffering I will give you, My child.”

” I love You, Lord Jesus,” I said. “Thankyou, my Lord.”

Our Lord Jesus laments Himself because the Priests don’t accept the crosses He has given them today. Instead, they are running away from them. They don’t understand the value of suffering which is so precious in Heaven. Lord, please have mercy on them. Amen.