11th August

During a conference, while the Blessed Mother’s statue came in the Hall she passed right next to me. I said, “Welcome my beautiful Mother and Queen.” She smiled and said, “Thank you my children for welcoming Me so warmly. I have brought you many graces and blessings. Among you are some very sick people, but today they will receive the grace of healing from my Son Jesus.” She was very joyful and smiling. I replied, “Thank you my Queen and Mother. I love you.”

Just before the blessing was given to people with the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord Jesus came and asked me to offer all the sick people to Him. He said, “Quick, my child offer everyone here to Me, the sick, the oppressed, the dying, the needy, the Holy Souls, whoever you can think of, give them all to Me.” Then again He said, “My child, turn to your right.” I said, “Yes my Lord. There is a Hospital across the street. He answered, “Right this moment there are some dying, very ill, depressed and suffering people. Offer them to Me and pray for them.” I responded, “Sorry my Lord Jesus for being so selfish not to think of those poor and suffering people in the next building. Please have mercy on them My Lord and receive them, I love you.”