12th August

This morning when I had almost finished my morning prayers. Our Lord came in a vision, very cheerful and happy. He smiled and said, “Valentina, my child, I come to explain to you about the Blessed Sacrament so you will understand better and tell others, so that they too will understand. The reason I asked you yesterday to offer everything to Me – before the Priest raised Me up – is because it is necessary for all of you to know the meaning and the power and blessing you all receive at that moment from Me. When mere is My Precious Body on Exposition, I wish and desire that you all ask Me for whatever you need and you can also offer everything to Me, before the Priest raises Me to bless you. When the Priest or Bishop lifts Me up, at that very moment I come to you from heaven to bless you all. I do not come alone but with Me comes the whole Heavenly Court with all the Angels and Saints.”

He extended His Holy Hand and said, “Now I will show you.” I cannot explain the beauty I experienced at that moment and I said: “My Lord, You are a living God, with all the Angels and Saints accompanying You, praising You and glorifying You.” I also saw the Blessed Sacrament. It was magnificent all gleaming and shining with holiness. The brilliant colours I saw were beyond description. I said. “My Lord and My God, how happy I am to see and experience all this. I love You my Lord. I thank You for the many graces you have given me.”

Jesus replied, “You know my child, if people could see and experience all that I have shown you, they would fall on their faces and cry with happiness. They would also praise and honour Me in a much deeper way and give Me thanks. They would be entranced and surprised. But because this gift is not given to people to see Me in this way, they accept Me only in a very cold manner. Valentina, my child, do you know that I am very Holy? Do you believe that I am Holy?” I said, “Oh yes my Lord and my God. I do believe You are Holy. You are the holiest above all. No one is holier than you are my Lord and my God. For all this I praise You and glorify You and thank You constantly, because You are worthy of all praise.”

Our Lord then said, “Please tell everyone about Me and what I have shown you and explained to you about my Blessed Sacrament. Tell them to honour and praise Me more and to love Me in the most Holy and Blessed Sacrament. I give you a promise; Everyone who sincerely from their hearts, humbly asks Me, I will fulfil their wishes and their desires and grant all their petition.”

When Our Lord explained all this to me. He came so close to me and embraced me. He put his Holy Face next to mine and pressed tightly to my cheek and asked me again: “Valentina do you really believe that I am Holy?” I was so joyous and I said to Him, “Oh yes my Lord, You are the Holiest of all Holiness. None can go above you!” Our Lord knew all this but He still wanted to hear it from me, so I can tell you all about His holiness. After all He likes to be told and to be praised by all His children. This makes Our Lord very happy. I beg you all, please love and praise Our Lord and honour Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. He loves us all very much.

I concluded by saying, “Thank you my Lord and my God, how I love You.”