19th march 2006

Feast day of St. Joseph.

Our Lord appeared to me during Mass in St. Margaret Mary’s.

He said, “Valentina, My child, you need this water to live that I give you all. It constantly surges from the Will of My Sacred Heart to purify and to quench your thirst from Me. Blessed are the ones to whom I supply. They have their life for ever, even after earthly life ceases but you must come to me daily to be filled and nourished spiritually. You all need My living water like the Samaritan woman. She was as dry as a sponge when it is placed in the hot sun. After telling everyone what happened to her, she became alive, full of the Holy Spirit.”

He leaned toward me and said, “I quenched her thirst, and many more received the living water. Today the world needs these changes, to drink and to come to Me to survive. The majority, they live but spiritually they are dead. They need My word, the living water, to survive. Tell them to come. I am the Supplier. Whoever will come will not be sorry. I am a living God, full of mercy and compassion. Tell people not to wait but to decide now for the time is running short. They must decide today, not tomorrow. Every moment I give you is a golden opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by.
Realise it is a gift given to you all constant spiritual need.

Thank Me always. Be courageous.

Thankyou, my living God.