1st December

I was drinking a cup of tea when our Lord said to me, “My child, at least you could have asked Me to bless it for you, since we are one. You could ask Me to share it with you and thank Me for it. Everything comes from Me, nothing is from you.”

Our Lord continued, “My children wen will you learn to recognise Me in everything and after I have done so much for all of you. At least you recognise your faults, of which you have so many.” I replied, “I am so sorry. My Lord, please forgive me.”

In this message our Lord wants us to recognise an appreciate everything that we have comes from him. I was surprised when our Lord said this to me and I said in reply, “Really Lord, you would drink a cup of tea if I make one for you?” Our Lord smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter about a cup of tea, but that we think of Him at that moment and realise that He is really present watching us every moment and wants to be included in all that we do and say.