4th March

During my morning offering, I said “I thank you my Father and my Creator for all the goodness that you give us in our everyday life.”

Our Heavenly Father spoke, “My daughter, how happy you make Me when you come to Me in your simplicity and in your own words you talk to Me and you offer what is in your heart and you entrust all to me. That makes Me very happy. Tell others too, all my children not to be afraid to come to Me. After all I am a good Father and love you all very much. When you come to me with purity and sincerity of heart, how proud and happy I am of you.”

Then He said, “How many graces and blessings I pour on you. Riches come from the well of living waters that never ends but continuously surges and pours over you to give you strength in the Holy Spirit. So be grateful my children and thank Me every day for this great gift that I give you and walk on the road of holiness and purity, so that one day you will be worthy of the great Joy that I am preparing for you. My love for you is like a burning fire. These are my holy words, your Creator and your Father who lives and reigns forever and ever + Amen + Amen + Amen.”

The Angel who was standing with Him said, “Glorify, honour and venerate Our Lord and God whose goodness and love lasts for ever and ever.”

I replied, “Thank you my God and my Father full of love and mercy, have mercy on all of us.” God speaks to all his children, this message is for all of us.