1st April

I had a vision today. Our Lord Jesus was standing and He was holding His hands toward His Sacred Heart. Near Him was a beautiful square like a table. On the table I noticed a red tablecloth. On the fabric of the cloth beautiful white hearts were embroidered all over. Around the edge of the cloth a white design, a little like tatting, was worked.

I said to the Lord, “How beautiful is this embroidery. What does it represent and the meaning?”

My Lord smiled and replied, “I was waiting for you to ask me, my child. The red represents My Sacred Heart. The white hearts that you see are your hearts that are consecrated and devoted to Me. The tablecloth represents My Heavenly garden. The edging represents a wall which is My protection to keep you all safe, meaning that you all belong to Me and I guard you.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, I see other tablecloths with other colours, too, but not with hearts embroidered on them, but all with different design.”

Our Lord answered, “Those you see out of My Heavenly garden, are of different brethren, but not of My Sacred Heart, but they still belong to Me. That’s why they are close to My Sacred Heart garden. These people refuse to know Me, but I still love them. They are neither good nor bad but they still need My Mercy to enter My Heavenly garden. The white represents purity, you must explain to people, everyone is welcome to come to My Sacred Heart, the Heavenly garden. They must lead pure and chaste lives, worthy to enter and to come to know Me and to love Me.”

I concluded, “Thankyou, My Lord, My Teacher and My All, that you love us so much to be worthy of Your love and mercy.”