8th April, 2001


In church, after receiving Holy Communion.

Our Lord said to me, “Each time you suffer, I unite you close to My Sacred Heart.”
In the afternoon on the same day, while praying to the Divine Mercy, a vision came to me while meditating on the Passion of Jesus. I saw the Apostles.

They said to me, “We are the Apostles of the Lord Jesus. Today you receive a special grace that we come to tell you how happy we were when Our Lord was among us on Earth. He taught us, we were all very united with Him, but when they arrested Him and His suffering came and the crucifixion, we were so scared and frightened and we scattered away. It was terrible.”

“After they crucified Our Lord, we were so sad, but when we heard the good news that He arose from the dead, the joy and happiness we experienced we cannot describe to you. Our Lord once again was among us, talking to us, teaching us and preparing us to give witness to all humanity. We felt so privileged to be His disciples. We wanted Him to stay with us forever but He only stayed with us for forty more days and then He ascended into Heaven. We remained on Earth. We knew we had to do the work which He entrusted to us all.”

“So much love we feel for Our Lord. Valentina, if you only knew how happy we are once again now in Heaven with Our Lord, we can’t describe it. It is a constant joy and love and praising given to Our Lord. Valentina, live only for the Lord on Earth. Nothing matters and one day you too will rejoice in the everlasting joy and happiness.”

When the Disciples left, the moment after the sky appeared. I saw the most beautiful vision I have ever experienced. A blue radiant aura of spectacular light, filled with myriads of Angels clothed in all colours covered the whole sky.

I said, repeating over and over, “Angels, Angels and more Angels, millions of them. How beautiful it is, My Lord, to let me see all these Angels.” And when these Angels left, other Angels came, filling the whole sky’ of the Earth. These Angels told me, “See, we are always ready to come and help people. You are not alone on Earth. We are always with you.”

Thankyou, My Lord Jesus, for all the graces you give me and to see and share the Heavenly vision. Thankyou for the Apostles. Thankyou for all the Angels you have shown me. I will tell your children on Earth who like to know and hope when I speak Your Holy Word, My Lord, to touch their hearts so they will know and believe it is true.