25th April

This morning while I was praying the Lord Jesus appeared to me very sad and angry and said, “Valentina, my child, tell people of this world to change and repent, this is my last warning to them. Tell them I am very angry for all their evil doings, and their continuous disregard of My warning, which comes from Heaven. My voice is heard throughout the world and it is My voice, echoing through My little chosen prophets, yet ignored and ridiculed completely. Not many hear My voice, only very few. Go ahead, you murderers, continue with your filthy doings. You love the worldly goods and your sinful pleasures too much. But remember soon you will perish in the dust if you don’t turn away from your sinful deeds.

You teach the young and innocent ones to follow your sinful road. I tell you, you shall be responsible for this and unless you change your ways you will bring them to the abyss of hell. And you My priests, My very chosen ones, you are not faithful and obedient to Mother Church and you lead My sheep astray. Where are My commandments? No one speaks of them anymore. There is no more reverence to My Holy presence especially in the Holy Eucharist, when you come to receive Me full of sin. Everybody says oh yes. But God is good and merciful and forgives when we receive Him in Holy Communion. No My children, I am very offended and sad and angry when you do this to Me. Confess and change yourselves. Be repentenent and don’t live in a sinful state. Change your way of fife for I love you and will forgive you. I tell you my mercy will end soon and you will not stop Me punishing you all. The world will tremble, the Chastisement is here my children and My anger is great. Repent; repent for this is my last warning for the world. I your Lord and God and Creator of all, I speak and My voice is above all voices. Listen and repent. Don’t wait, I your Lord am speaking.”

Our Lord was looking at me and He pointed to His Sacred Heart and said, “Look at My Sacred Heart, it is bleeding of anger and sorrow for all the things I see in the world. I have done all for you. I consume Myself for you all; so you can have life in all its fullness. And what do I get in return? You repay me with your evil deeds, no gratitude at all.” He then left very sadly.

I was crying very much and I felt very sad. I have never seen Our Lord so angry speaking to me in a loud voice. I felt I wanted to console Him and I was saying please My Lord, please come down. Maybe they will listen to your voice and change. I was frightened but I felt very sorry and sad for Our Lord, that He has to beg and beg and there is no response to his call. His Sacred Heart was bleeding and beating very fast when He spoke.

While I was crying I said, “Have mercy on us Lord, have mercy on us.” A few minutes after this vision, Blessed Mother came. She embraced me and said, “My daughter, I know you are sad. I was supposed to deliver this message of warning to you, but it saddened me too much, so My Son chose to do it Himself. Tell everyone to pray very hard, especially the Holy Rosary. The great Chastisement is upon you my children. I can no longer stop it.” She looked at me and said, “Be courageous and spread this message. We are with you always. Go in peace in the name of Me and My Son Jesus.”

I concluded, “Thankyou Blessed Mother. Please help us.”