24th May

Today while I was praying and recommending everyone to our Lord Jesus and to our Holy Virgin Mary, the Holy Virgin spoke to me, “I am pleased, My little daughter, that during this month of May you recommend all to Us and that you always think of others. This pleases us greatly, Me and My dear Son. Here, I am honoured today honoured as Help of Christians. I am very pleased that people have confidence in me and I pray for you all, because I love you, My children.

This year priests and bishops of all the churches have handed over to Me in a special way all their people. Thank God for all. Give thanks to God for all, my little children, that you have been spared from the horrors of war and other disorders, which are going on in other places of this world. Pray for your families, and for the leaders of this country, that they might decide wisely for the people, for the churches, for the clergy and the laity, who are teaching you about Christian faith. Pray especially for the bishops who have the responsibility for all of you, and don’t forget the Holy Father, who suffers and tries to bring peace to the world and among the people.

Only with prayers can evil be overcome. I am your Mother and I love you all. Help me, my children, so that soon peace and love will shine on earth, where now it is so dark, so much sin. Pray that soon my Son will renovate the world that your hearts will begin to live the beauty and happiness that is promised to you. My little daughter, write down these holy words which I give you and tell everybody, that they be converted. I am always with you. I bless you all and I give you God’s peace. I am your Mother and Help of Christians.”

I said, “Thank you dear Mother and Holy Virgin Mary. Pray for us and for all nations of the world.”