5th November

I was feeling very sick, as I often do. This comes very suddenly that I must remain in bed, the pain today was under my left rib. The pain was unbearable and both kidneys were very painful. I offered all this up to the Lord, as He taught me to do, and the Blessed Mother too always says, “Do not waste your pain my children but offer every moment to my Son. He needs your suffering.”

So I did this time as I always do. After I offer up everything, I still call Blessed Mother and my Lord Jesus to come and this makes me feel better. After a while everything was silent and the pain was still persisting. All of a sudden Our Lord appeared. He said, “My child, I am sorry that you still feel so sick, but the pain that I give you is to console Me.”

In this vision Our Lord Jesus was so beautiful. He was dressed in a deep red-burgundy colour. His head was surrounded with a thick golden light. Our Lord Jesus said, “My child can you tell Me what does this golden light around my head represent?” I replied, “because you are so holy”. He smiled and said, “Yes that is true, but also the golden light shining represents my holy grace – so many graces. I can make a thick curtain out of it and wrap around the world three times and still there would be plenty left. It never ends and the more I give the more the graces come.” Then the Lord asked me, “Why does the world reject my grace, mankind does not want my holy grace. How sad I am. Please console Me. Please speak to people of my infinite love and grace, that I want to give them and that I also want them to accept. But when they reject it, this hurts Me so much. The pain in your side is to console my Sacred Heart that is wounded and pierced daily from the many blasphemies I receive. The pain in your kidneys is for the Holy Souls, to help them. Please accept with love.”

I felt so sad when the Lord departed. He laments that humanity rejects all his graces. He is a good and gentle God. I cannot understand why people reject the Lord’s graces. If only they experienced his love and presence they would rather die than offend him. Please listen to Him and change your way of life, and love God who is waiting to embrace you with open arms.

I concluded, “I love you my Lord Jesus, how I love you. Thank you for giving us so many graces and have mercy on us.”