24th October

St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands:

Conversing with our Lord Jesus, I said to the Lord today, “I’m so happy and I’m so grateful for everything you ever gave to me and I love you so much.” Our Lord smiling and looking very happy replied, “My child, thank me always for everything since everything comes from me, not from you. Offer back to me that love as a token from you, that I know is from you to me. Oh, that beautiful exchange that we share between one another my children. How precious is love, like a jewel that never ends.”

I said, “My Lord you put in my heart the joy that I can love everyone on earth. Is it possible to feel like this?” Our Lord replied, “Yes my child, everything impossible when we share the same love. Never waste a moment of true feelings of Divine Love but pass it on to others. Have courage to pass it on. It will multiply, you will see.”

I concluded be saying, “Thankyou my Lord.”