8th October

St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands.

In the Church before the Mass began today I thanked our Lord for everything and especially for giving us so many graces for the Olympics, that everything went well. I praised the Lord and thanked Him for protecting everybody. I said, “You’re such a good God and I love you so much.”

All of a sudden a vision came to me and I saw an Olympic arena full of people. Then I saw a flag raised up and some people carried it high up in the air. On the flag I saw fire rings. In a split moment the rings disappeared from the flag and in the middle I saw the word ABORTION in very big letters. I was shocked and said, “I don’t understand this y Lord. What is the meaning of this in this Olympic place?”

After a minute our Lord explained “The vision you see in this place is a butchery of abortion. Here they used to slaughter animals and now they are aborting babies. My child it is not all so beautiful the way you think and see. Here I was offended very much by moral sin of the flesh. These gatherings will bring many abortions for the sins committed during the games by the competitors. Abortion is one of the sins that offend me the most. For this crime the world will be punished and this city (Sydney) too. My children do not be so proud of this sinful city. Pray, pray, ask for forgiveness and My mercy because My just hand shall come above all soon.

I concluded by saying, “have mercy on us all my Lord Jesus.”