21st March 1991

This morning, 7.15am, our Blessed Mother appeared while I was praying, while kneeling.

She smiled and said, “Live only for today. Today is your most beautiful day. I come to you with My Baby Jesus, the Holy Child.”

Again She repeated, “Today is your most beautiful day. Never before, as now, have you been so close to My Most Beloved Son. As you are now, because of this, I will place Him in your arms. Stretch out your arms.”

She bent down and placed the Baby Jesus in my arms. He was very young, about 2 months. My heart filled to overflowing with love and emotion. I praised Him and adored Him, tears filled my eyes with sheer happiness.

Holy Mary spoke, “Look at My Son. He is God alive, My child. Tell everyone about this happening. I will place Him in everyone’s arms when they will come close to Him as you are now. I am the Mother of My Beloved Son and I am the Mother of all My children.”(spiritually)

Again She repeated, “Live for today only. Today is your most beautiful day. Don’t think of tomorrow, don’t think of the past, and don’t think of the future. Think only of today. Live only for today because today is your most beautiful day.”

(This is how our Beloved Mother teaches us, to love Her and Jesus with all our heart and with all our strength.)

While our Holy Mother was telling me all this wonderful true happening, I was looking at the Baby Jesus in my arms, I couldn’t take my eyes off Him but still paid full attention to what our Holy Mother was saying.

The Baby was so alert, gazing around the room in all directions. All around Him was a bright, glowing aura. Even my arms and hands had a bright golden glow.

Looking over Him, I noticed the pulse of His Sacred Heart beneath His white nightie. With each pulse, a bright ray issued forward and then back to His Heart.

I kept saying, “How Holy You are, my God. I will love and praise You for ever and ever. My You be blessed and glorified by all.”

Thankyou, Blessed Mother. Thankyou, Baby Jesus, for this is a truly special day of my life.

Many times before this, Blessed Mother appeared with the Holy Child, but She didn’t place Him in my arms. I felt that I wasn’t ready to receive Him, it was not my time. At times, as a little baby, He would speak to me. I was surprised and asked Mary, “How can Baby Jesus speak? He is so little.”

She answered, “My daughter, you must remember that He is God. He can do anything.”