12th April

At 2:30am in the morning I felt Our Lord Jesus gently shake my shoulder saying, “Wake up, wake up!” When she awoke she got up and knelt down, in front of Him and glorified Him and started to recite the rosary, our Lord Jesus said, “How proud I am My child of you and I love you, continue to do what you have done in the past.” He was referring to my prayers and spreading off His Messages. He then touched my cheek with His first two fingers and then blessed me by placing His Holy hands on my head and said, “from now on, I want you to open the door for Me and bring me all the young people. Till now all the doors were closed because the youth are My biggest worry, I love them the most.”

I said, “Our Lord would you prefer young people to pray the Holy Rosary in this group that I am attending instead of old people?” Our Lord smiled and looked at me with gentle understanding and replied, “You do not understand Me yet, your group is good and makes Me very happy and is dear to Me, but from now on I want you to open the door for me and lead the young people to Me.”

I answered Him, “My Lord, I do not know how!” Our Lord replied, “You have to wake them up and give them courage, talk to them about My infinite love and Mercy. They are very precious to My Sacred Heart and I love them all. Their ideas are My ideas, that is why I love them so much, I love them all. I love each one of them so bring them all to Me. I Beg of you, open the door and lead them all to Me I bless you my child in the name of The Father and of The Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

I replied, “Thank you My Lord Jesus Christ, I love you for all the graces and blessings you give us.”