4th June

It was morning around 8am while I was praying the Holy Rosary. All of a sudden I had a vision and the Blessed Holy Mother Mary appeared to me. She was looking at me very sadly. I did not understand and she did not say anything, she just stood there. I quickly made the sign of the Cross. When I did this Our Lord Jesus appeared as well, with a red mantle and He stood next to His Blessed Mother. All of a sudden I noticed that her face was becoming sadder and sadder. They were both looking sad. They both kept looking at me. Then at that moment Our Lord Jesus disappeared but Our Blessed Mother remained.

Our Lord Jesus then came back again but without the red mantle. He was wearing just a white tunic. Then He stepped towards me. He raised His right Holy hand. He placed it on His Chest and said, “Look at my Sacred Heart. It is surrounded with thorns and pierced right through with a sword, it is so sorrowful my child.” (Our Lord lamented because of mankind) I felt so sad I started to cry. I felt so sorry seeing the Sacred Heart so sorrowful and gravely wounded by humanity.

Our Lord continued, “I give you all my entire self, what else do you want Me to give you. I give you My Body and My Precious Blood every day and still the world does not recognise Me. They push Me aside”. Then again He repeated. “I give myself every day in the Holy Eucharist, even there they receive me unworthily, full of sin. I cannot watch this any longer. I am so sorrowful even unto death. I can no longer tolerate this.”

Our Lord became more and more sad and angry. I cried and cried. I felt so sad for Him and scared as well. Our Lord Jesus then said, “A very big chastisement is on the way. It is almost here at the door, such as has never been seen before since the world began or has ever been recorded by humanity. Oh yes, my child, it is almost here. It will come as a surprise. Everything will be normal, people will go about their lives as they usually do every day. It will start with the rain and people will say, it is good soaking rain, but with the rain the wind will start then the hurricanes, then the earthquake, everything will go to dust and will be destroyed.”

Our Lord showed me all the horrifying things that will happen. I saw all this and I cried and I cried and I said to the Lord, “How can you permit such a thing to happen, haven’t You got a heart? I know there are a lot of people in the world who love You very much. I myself love You with all my heart.”

At that moment Our Lord was silent and very sad. He looked down and took a few more steps towards me and He said, “I know about those who love Me. They are My consolation, but they are only very few. I can put them all in the palm of My hand.”

Our Lord then explained to me why such a catastrophic chastisement would come, “Because of the sin of mankind I will send this chastisement. Their pride is ruling the world. They go above Me they live without their God and Creator. I am put under their feet. The scientists, the technicians, they continue with their pride and because of their pride the whole world will suffer.”

Our Lord then told me to pray, “Tell people to pray, pray to My Divine Mercy. Pray now, pray every day. Pray when the horror comes over all of you. Above all pray to My Sacred Body and Precious Blood. In the end keep repeating: Holy, Holy God, Holy Almighty, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and the whole world.”

I replied, “My Lord and My God have mercy on us all”. For weeks after this vision I felt very sad and depressed. There is nothing to do but pray and convert and ask God for mercy and maybe in His goodness and kindness all this may be averted.