5th August

At Medjugorje on Our Lady’s Birthday Late at night I was praying the Rosary when Our Lady appeared in the bedroom at Citluk where our group was staying. She spoke, “I come to introduce Myself as the Queen of the most Holy Rosary. It has been a long time since you have seen Me in this way, yet you don’t understand why.”

Again she repeated, “I am the Queen of the most Holy Rosary. I wish everyone to pray the most Holy Rosary. That is why I want you to help me, in my name, to spread this message, to the whole world which has fallen so much into sin, offends constantly My Son. Everyday, more and more, he is offended tell them to beg Him for forgiveness, His Mercy.”

Holy Mother’s face changed. She began to cry, begging us to convert our lives and to stop offending her Son. On her right side I saw a heart, pierced and surrounded with thorns and bleeding, there was also a Crucifix and a Host. Our Lady explained, “The Lord Jesus sacrifices Himself everyday in every Mass, His Blessed Sacrament. He wishes that we received Him pure and clean and that we ask Him for His forgiveness. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is pierced and bleeding with the thorns of many offences every day”.

She spoke of the Crucifix, “My Son freely accepted death on the Cross for our Salvation. Still people think little of His Sacrifice and do not honour Him. Daily they crucify Him.”

Holy Mother was crying, begging me to tell people to change their lives and to stop offending Her beloved Son. “Pray, Pray, Pray, all fifteen mysteries, of the rosary. Tell them to pray this with their families, their groups, and their churches, tell this to my disobedient children.”

Holy Mother blessed me in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. AMEN. Our Lady wore a royal Blue dress, covered with pearls that shone. On her head was a spectacular crown with a diamond star in the middle and a large M on each side of the crown. It was made with a shining silver material with brilliant diamonds all over it. She was also framed by a Large Rosary under which was the word … IMMACULATA.