Message from mid-1990s

It was about nine o’clock in the morning, I was outside putting my clothes out to dry.

The angel appeared to me and said, “I come to you to show you what will come in the very near future. This is very near. It cannot be avoided unless people repent of their sins. It is written in all the scriptures and must be fulfilled.”

The Angel continued, “This is the three days of darkness that will fall upon the world.”

He showed me a vision.

It was daytime, all of a sudden I could see a black shadow in the form of a huge mist, covering the day into darkness.

It was moving very slowly until it covered the whole world. It was a solid black mist.

The Angel said, “This is the beginning of the three days of darkness.”

Our Lord chose that day would turn into night, so that people could see that God is in charge.

The Angel continued, “When this comes, go inside your house, tell people to stay inside and pray, pray like you’ve never prayed before, and light blessed candles.”

“Pray and encourage others not to despair. Do not look outside through any windows and doors. Cover every window and door completely.”

Spirits may call out to us, to open the doors. They will be imitating our relatives, but do not open the doors to anyone.

The Angel said, “Wherever your family will be, they will be protected through your prayers.”

After that experience, I saw a renewed world. It was instantly green and so much sunshine. There will be peace in the world and everyone will praise and thank God for it.

Many times, the Blessed Mother said, “My children do not wait till the last minute, but reconcile with God and pray to be united with God.”