22 March 2021

Bishop Bede receives the White Garment

I saw Bishop Bede in a previous vision, and he told me how he was not worthy to receive the white garment.

I said I would help him and offer him up at the Holy Mass. I did so on the 21st March 2021, at the High Mass.

This morning when I was praying the Angelus at about six-thirty, Bishop Bede came to my room.

Smiling, he said, “Valentina, I come personally to thank you. What I needed was that Mass you offered for me on Sunday and that Mass opened up the door to Heaven for me. I was waiting for that Mass.”

He embraced me and said, “Now I am safe, and I really thank you and appreciate so much for your offering.”

I was so happy and said, “Gee, that was quick.”

“That Mass and the prayer you offered for me, our Lord accepted and opened Heaven for me. I appreciate and cannot thank you enough how happy I am.”

He was so joyous and radiant and glowing in holiness. He was younger than in the previous vision, dressed in a white garment, as worn by Bishops.

Lord, thank you for being merciful to the Holy Souls.