24 March 2021

Do Not Obscure the Holy Tabernacle


Today, when I prayed the Divine Praises during my morning prayers, our Lord came, and He was smiling. He said, “Valentina that pleases Me very much. I Am going to give you an example. There was a man at one time living on earth, and he loved Me very much. He used to come to church every day, and he was so devoted to Me. He came every day to the church for years and years. He was lonely, and he lived by himself. He would come and lament to Me, and pray to Me and converse with Me, even if I didn’t answer him. But he knew I was listening to him, and he would receive peace.”


“One day, he came to the church and found that the Tabernacle was obscured by flowers. It was all covered up with greenery and flowers, and he received the shock of his life. He said, ‘Why did they do this? That never happened before! It looks like they don’t want me. He thought, ‘If the Lord cannot see me or hear me that he would not talk to me.’”


“So, he walked out of the church with a broken heart. So disappointed was he that he never came back any more. Soon after that, the man died because he was elderly.”


In a vision, the Lord showed me the gentlemen. He was a rather tall man, an elderly person. The only consolation he received on earth was being in front of the Holy Tabernacle in the church.


Our Lord said, “When the man died, I, with My open arms, accepted him in Heaven, because He was so devoted to Me, and I was very upset for him, that his heart was broken because he could no longer talk to Me and come to Me. I explained to him that even though they covered the Tabernacle with flowers and greenery, I would still see him and listen to him. But because he was such a simple and loving person, he did not understand this. When I explained all that to him, I rewarded him in Heaven for being so devoted to Me, and now he lives so happily ever after in Heaven with Me. His reward was big in Heaven.”


Our Lord continued, “For instance, I do not like that some churches put a lot of flowers in front of the Tabernacle. I do not like any flowers in front of the Tabernacle. I want the Tabernacle to be free.”


Our Lord explained, “It is like a blockage. I Am Divine, I can still see, but people think they please Me to place a lot of flowers in front of the Tabernacle, but I don’t want that. I want It free. The Tabernacle must be free. It must be on Its own, and in the centre. If they place flowers, they should be put on the side or at the bottom, but not in front of Me.”


My heart was so touched by our Lord telling me about the loving, sensitive and simple elderly man.