24 March 2021

Nails around the Altar

In the morning, around five o’clock, I was suffering so severely that the angel came and said, “Come and witness something. You will be shocked at what you see.”

He brought me to a church that I could not recognise, nor did I know its location. Inside I could see a priest in priestly vestments behind the Altar. There were only a few people in the pews. As I was standing to the side of the Altar, I could not see the priest’s face.

The angel said, “Kneel down and listen.”

I did as the angel instructed and watched and listened to what was happening in front of me.

The priest turned towards the few people in the church and said, “I cannot serve the Mass until I nail every nail around the Altar. When I finish hammering all the nails around the Altar, then I will celebrate the Mass.”

I could see the nails were new and very long, about fifteen centimetres in length. The Altar was covered in a white tablecloth and had what looked like timber surrounding the edges. The priest proceeded to hammer each nail into the wood using a huge hammer. He hammered each nail right next to each other. As I watched what he was doing, I thought to myself, ‘he will never finish; this will take forever.’

I started to cry and said, “Oh my Lord, he is hammering our Lord Jesus to the Cross!”

I looked around and asked the angel, “Where is the Tabernacle?”

“Go to your right, it is an L-Shape, and there you will find the Tabernacle,” answered the angel.

I looked around the corner and saw the Tabernacle on the side. I noticed that there was no Perpetual Light.

In the meantime, the priest was still hammering the nails into the Altar. I could see the people waiting and looking, wondering what is going on.

Then our Blessed Mother, St Joseph and little Boy Jesus appeared next to me. I ruffled Jesus’s wavy hair, and He smiled. The Holy Family came to console me because I was crying at what I saw happening in front of me.

Blessed Mother said, “They try to cover up my Son and deny Him so they will do anything to get rid of Him.”

“This is happening throughout many churches in the world today,” they told me.

Lord, have mercy on us and on the whole world.