22nd August

In the church of St Patrick’s Parramatta.

Our Lord Jesus said, “My child, honour My Mother very much and tell others to do the same. She constantly intercedes for them and prays for all of Her children. She also loves you so much. She protects you and guides you and guards you, teaches you and leads you to the right road that leads
to your salvation, the true and only road that leads to God.”

“Yes”, he said, “The pure and beautiful dove, the purest lily that I chose to be My Mother and Queen. She was Queen and crowned before Her creation. How can a King be without a Queen? She belongs to royalty. Her Queenship was designed and made by the Most Holy Trinity. For this reason, she was chosen to be the most pure and holy in everything. She is Queen of Angels, Queen of Saints, Queen of Heaven and earth and everyone and everything.” For this reason. She is so highly honoured, and yet so humble and loving. Her humility and pure love makes Her so highly raised above all creatures.”

Our Lord continued, “For this reason, I ask you to love My Mother very much and thank Her every day for all She does for you to save you from all danger that is around you all.” He said, touching His Heart, “I could have kept Her all to myself, but that would be selfish, wouldn’t it, for you don’t deserve Her. She suffered in all My suffering and we are one-one in all. For this reason, She knows your suffering to and She keeps begging Me for My mercy and forgiveness. Valentina, Love My Mother very much and tell everyone to Love Her too!

I replied, “Thankyou, my Lord, for giving us Your beautiful Mother and Queen. Have mercy on all of us sinners.”