7th July 201

This morning when I prayed, the Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy came to me. She smiled, she came with baby Jesus. He looked so beautiful. She said, “We came to thank you for speaking to people so tenderly and consoling many – especially the sick. Please continue to do this work, you help people and you make us very happy. Bring them to the road of trust to know us better. Today in the world, so many need help because they live in darkness.”

The Blessed and beautiful Mother said, “I place the baby in your arms because you love Him so much.” The baby Jesus was smiling. I noticed, his eyes were so blue – like a shining pearl. He was wearing white and soft blue. Blessed Mary, our Mother was also wearing those colours.

She said, “Help me to put this little vest on Him over the white one.” He opened His arms out, as a grown person would do. The Blessed Mother smiled and said, “You dress Him”. So I put the vest on Him and then Our Lord baby spoke like a grown person. He said, “Each time you speak to people or convert somebody, you put the vest on me. By doing this Glory comes to me and you make me happy and joyful.”

“Valentina, don’t be like other who pray and call my name but still see fault in others. I call them hypocrites.” I was astonished that baby Jesus, as little as He was, knew how to talk. This had happened before, that he had done the same, but this surprised ne very much, how He knew everything.

When He finished speaking he said to me, “I want my Mama!” The blessed Mother and I just smiled. Holy Mary said to me, “It seems a surprise to you each time you see baby Jesus speak to you, but you must realise that He is God, very Holy – He knows everything.”

Thankyou Blessed Mother. I love you and little baby Jesus.