23 August 2020

While you remain Humble you remain Protected

During my morning prayers, the angel of the Lord appeared and said, “I know you are now living in confusing times, you hear all kinds of things; men changing into women, women changing into men. The devil is confusing people.”

He said, “Listen to me, be grateful that God created you as a woman. Remain faithful to our Lord and stay very close to Him.”

The angel then drew an oval shape, and within this oval, I could see myself. The angel explained to me, “The oval line represents that you are protected. While you remain humble, you are in the oval, and you receive protection from our Lord. Many women, however, who are protected, they step outside of that line. They want to be important and powerful. They want the world to recognise them. In this way, they are no longer humble, and therefore lose all protection. Our Lord is not pleased with all this. Women should remain humble and be grateful to our Lord who created them.”