28 August 2020

Lord Jesus brings my Mother to visit on her birthday

When I finished saying my prayers the night before, my last words were, “Lord, thank You for all the graces and blessings. Can You bless my mum, she is in Heaven, and my sister Angela (living) because their birthdays are on the same day, today.”

That night I could not sleep, I endured extreme pain throughout my body, but mostly in my left leg, as if being jabbed by needles. My room, as usual, was full of souls. Towards the early morning hours, the pain started to ease a little, so I began to say my prayers.

To my pleasant surprise, our Lord appeared accompanied by my mother, who looked so young and beautiful.

Smiling, our Lord said, “You asked Me to bless your mum, but here she is! I personally brought her with Me to see you; this is a little gift that I want to share with you.”

My mum was smiling, standing next to the Lord. Our Lord said, “I’ll leave you two together. I know you like to talk to each other. I’ll be back soon.” Our Lord then quickly left.

In a low voice, my mother said, “My daughter, you must thank Him every time He comes to you to see you. Appreciate everything from Him because He is so kind, so good and a loving God. Don’t forget to be kind and polite to Him, and offer Him something, because He comes as a Guest to your home. When your friends come to visit, you offer them something, but this is God! He is very special, and He is God Alive! He needs attention and love from His children. He appreciates when we welcome Him.”

“Now I have to tell you, He really gives you a lot of suffering, but I tell you, He loves you so much, you have no idea how much He loves you,” she said.

I remained silent and just listened to my mum and accepted what she told me about the suffering that our Lord gives me. My mother then said, “Often, when you pray to Him, and you talk to Him, He comes near me, and we both watch you. He really loves when you talk to Him. He rejoices, and He is so happy.”

Our Lord suddenly reappeared, holding in His Holy Hands two jumpers, neatly folded, one in each Hand. One was of a creamy colour with a light brown thread throughout, and the other was of a light grey colour with blue-navy threading. The material was finely woven thread of the most superior quality.

Our Lord said, “I thought I would bring and show you these jumpers and ask you two for your opinion as to which one you like better.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, they are both beautiful. You have such beautiful taste.” My mum agreed and said, “They are both beautiful.”

Smiling, our Lord said, “That is all I wanted to know.”

I said, “Lord, I am really grateful that You brought my mum to come and see me. I really appreciate it.”

Our Lord ran to me and hugged me, and I hugged him back.

I said, “Lord, would you like me to make you toast with bacon and eggs?”

“No, not today. I want cornflakes with milk,” He replied with a smile.

I thought to myself, ‘Wow, He knows about cornflakes.’

Lord, thank you for bringing my mum and for loving us so much, and I appreciate everything. Bless all the mothers and fathers in Heaven.