29 August 2020

Appreciate Everything

In the afternoon, I baked some biscuits, but they did not turn out the way I liked. Even though I was not too pleased with the result, I still asked our Lord to bless them.

I said, “Lord, still bless these biscuits, but I don’t think they are edible. I don’t think I will offer them to anybody.”

Our Lord was watching me as I was talking to him. He said, “My child, be grateful that you have food in front of you. You have no idea how many children are starving in the world. They would not complain whether the biscuits are good or not good to eat. They would appreciate every crumb that would be in front of them.”

Then wistfully shaking His Holy Head, our Lord said, “But they have nothing to eat. How sad I Am.”

Our Lord Jesus continued, “Do you know how much My Heart is agonized, to watch My children starving? All because people in the world are spoilt. They do not think of the poor at all, and they are very selfish.”

Our Lord then instructed, “Write this down: The day of My Coming is very near, nearer than you think, and My Justice will be revealed to the world. There will be no more greed, but justice for My children, everything will be shared equally. There will be no more poor people pushed into the corner and ignored. If one has a little bit more, that person will share with the other one, who has less. I shall multiply everything and bless abundantly for My children so that they will all be happy and joyful. Everything will be beautiful.”

“Pray that this will come soon.”

Lord, I am sorry that we do not appreciate everything that you put in front of us. Have mercy on us.