30 August 2020

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
Now is the Time I must Renew the World

During the reading of the Gospel (Mathew 16:21-27) at Sunday Mass, our Lord said, “Every two thousand years I renew the world. When I came to the world, when I was born, not everybody accepted Me. They rejected Me. I tried to teach them the Truth, but they would not listen, only very few listened to Me and accepted My Teachings.”

Jesus continued, “They rejected Me so badly and ignored Me until they crucified Me because I bothered them! That was a bad generation when I came to the world, but as the years went by, I patiently watched and sent My Prophets to teach and spread the True Word. Only a few accepted My True Word through the centuries, but most ignored and rejected It. But now we have come to the present time, and this generation is the worst. They completely reject God. They try to do everything on their own without God. They have become very materialistic, and they play gods, so they do not need Me. They disobey all My Commandments, but blessed are those who believe and trust in Me.”

“So, My child, I repeat to you again, now is the time that I have to renew the world so that people will acknowledge Me again, and to tell them that I Am Supreme, above all. They will be amazed when they discover that God exists and is alive and is the Creator of everything!”

Our Lord is showing people there is still a chance for them to come back to God, who loves them greatly.