3 September 2020

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
This Church needs strong Spiritual Revival

During my morning prayers, the angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “Our Lord Jesus sent me to bring sad news today. Do you know that the Cathedral in Parramatta has crumbled right down to the ground? Do you know what this means?”

The angel continued, “This church needs a strong spiritual revival and a good shepherd to lead it and to raise it up again. Most people no longer attend Mass (there) due to the Coronavirus and the fear instilled in them by the government and society. The church should be open, and people should not fear to attend Mass. Jesus will protect them.”

“All the recent trouble that has entered this Church has caused it to crumble right down to the ground, and it will be very difficult to raise it up again. A lot of prayers are needed for this Church to change, and to bring it into the Light once again. Our Lord Jesus is very offended by all the trouble, that is going on in this Church. It needs a good Shepherd and leader to revive it,” said the angel.

The angel then said, “I want to show you how our Lord is offended by this Church.”

Our Lord Jesus then appeared as a teenager, of about twelve to thirteen years of age.

The angel said, “Look how He weeps because of all the wrong things they are doing in the Church.”

Our Lord Jesus was wearing dull-coloured overalls that were covered with dirty marks all over. He was crying profusely. Tears were pouring down His cheeks.

The angel said, “Try to console our Lord for He is so gravely offended.”

I asked our Lord, “Why are you crying so much? Can I help you? What can I do to make you feel better?”

Our Lord responded, “Look at what they have put on Me! This dirty outfit that looks like a straight-jacket, that they have forced upon Me and I don’t want it!”

He repeated, “I don’t want it! I don’t want it!”

I have never seen our Lord dressed like this before. He was crying and crying and repeating over and over again that He does not want this dirty outfit on Himself. I consoled our Lord by gently patting Him on His back and saying to Him, “But maybe they will change, maybe I can help you.”

Lord Jesus said, “You cannot do it on your own. You can only warn them of this danger that is upon them. I want to be glorified and dressed beautifully, not in this dirty garment they have forced upon Me. I want My Church raised up in the Glory of the Light, but now it is in complete darkness.”

The angel said, “See how our Lord is offended. Tell them, now it is bad, but it can become even worse. Quickly they need to change and to raise up this church, otherwise worse is to come.”