23rd October, 2005

In St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney. I thanked the Lord for making it possible for the procession of the Holy Eucharist to be held through the streets of Sydney.

In the church, Our Lord Jesus said, “My children, you were called here from all parts of the country to walk with Me and to honour Me as your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. You walk with Me in the hill of your faith and sacrifice. Also, pray for the city. Here I am offended very much in shameful and sinful places, which grieve Me so much. Beg Me to be merciful, My faithful remnant.”

“It is through you, My faithful remnant, that I bless today everyone, ever those who offend Me. When I see so many of My faithful, I am overwhelmed with joy. Together we shall dwell in the house of My Father for ever with those who love Me.”

“My children, pray for those who offend Me. Trust only Me. How wonderful it is to love Me. This is your test in faith for deliverance will soon come. Go, and sing from the top of the roof that My coming is near.”

The Angel present told me, “This is all written in Holy Scripture. Sing and praise the Lord, you people.”

Lord, may You be praised and blessed for ever