25th October, 2005

In the morning during morning prayers an Angel appeared and He said, “My Lord Jesus sent me to reveal things to you which will happen soon. The weather pattern is now very changeable and it will become worse as the years go by. There will be unbearable heat.”

He showed me in a vision rocks, steaming from the heat. Railway lines buckling, chains anchored to rocks expanding and bursting away from the mooring. I also saw little ducks flying through the air becoming scorched and their feathers blackened and incinerated, then falling to earth charred and dead.
I mentioned to the Angel, “How about little children? They like to run in bare feet.”

The Angel answered, “Oh no, they would get instantly burnt. The only safe shelter is to stay indoors or go underground, for your protection. There will be people fishing in their boats, staying close to the water to keep cool. While they are fishing, they will notice an army approaching in ships. They will come from the east and there will be a horrible battle. This will be the last battle which is foretold and this will be Armageddon.”

“I will tell you why all this is happening. Your earth where you live is saturated with blood, hate for so many innocent souls who have lost their lives over the centuries. Also it is polluted with sin and corruption. Mankind is ruining the world and this is why you will experience these things. Tell people to repent and pray and stop offending God for He is already offended too much. This is already written in Holy Scripture.”

He said before leaving, “As for you, Valentina, pray and do reparation to console Our Lord.” I asked him, “When will all this happen?” But he would not answer. I quickly ran to Almighty God in prayer and offered all that I had just experienced. I said, “Have mercy on us and on the whole world.”